Sharing is scary

The project was created as a photo zine for home print. The intermediate results as well as the instructions/documentation were presented on a website, where the PDF file is also available for download and printing independently.

The work deals with the subjective/objective evaluations of one's own image. What is a bad picture or can this create a different perception in a context other than that intended by the photographer? Part of this work has also dealt with the question whether classical rules of composition always play a role in relation to a positive evaluation of the picture.

The first issue „sharing is scary #01“ was published in april 2018.

Collaboration project with Caro Tolkemit (DE).

“The same applies to photographs – beautiful pictures are not inherently any more true than ugly ones. In fact, many beautiful photographs are manipulated, showing a falsified vision of reality. And just as with scientific theories, belief affects whether we see a photograph as beautiful or not. The photographer Robert Adams writes: What Capra’s photograph (of a Spanish loyalist, fatally wounded a moment earlier) shows is truth – a common, terrible, and therefore important truth. But again, does this mean the picture is beautiful? Is Truth Beauty and vice versa? The answer, as Keats knew, depends on the truth about which we are talking. For a truth to be beautiful, it must be complete, the full and final Truth. And that, in turn, leads me to a definition of Beauty linked unavoidably to belief. - Adams 31. Adams himself did not see the Capra photo as beautiful because he thought it was limited; that it showed only “a partial truth.”

Leslie Mullen, Truth in Photography: Perception, Myth and Reality in the Postmodern World, 1998